DDS Staffing Services

We have qualified, licensed dentists available to step in during your absence and keep your practice running smoothly, reducing production loss and patient rescheduling. Our temporary dentists have interviewed with our staff and have had their licenses verified and references carefully reviewed.

Each candidate we present undergoes a comprehensive screening process and is credentialed to industry standards. Additionally, we can customize this process to meet specific standards pre-established by our clients, no matter how stringent the need.

The recruitment strategy may include the following efforts:

  • Direct recruitment of passive candidates within healthcare facilities.
  • Utilization of our extensive data base with active prequalified candidates.
  • Outreach to a network of colleagues and business associates for referrals.
  • Placement of ads on the internet social networking sites and all traditional internet job boards.

Finally, detailed investigations, including criminal background checks and pre-employment drug testing, are completed when specifically requested by our clients. We cross check references and ensure that all candidates are in compliance with industry standards.

We are available at almost a moment’s notice to meet all your short term or emergency staffing needs. Our proven approach enables you to meet temporary or emergency staffing needs created by:

  • Vacations
  • Heavy workloads
  • Busy seasons
  • Maternity leave
  • Unexpected loss of employee
  • Extended leaves of absence
  • Medical leaves of absence
  • Special projects

Just think, even before you contact our firm, most of the work has been done on your behalf including:

  • Interviewing all applicants
  • Checking references
  • Verifying licenses and certifications
  • Arranging personal or working interviews to ensure a match for success
  • Setting up payment rates for the type of employee needed including their wages, taxes, unemployment insurance, and benefits. Workers compensation is also covered.

*All employees are covered with malpractice insurance.

We partner with you to understand the position, unique culture, and critical skills required for the position you are seeking to fill on a permanent basis. Our commitment to understanding your needs allows us to deliver only the most qualified candidate to your door.
We can assist you with finding the right associate on a permanent hire basis. We work with you to identify the skills, the personality traits and the characteristics that will make an associate successful in your practice. There is no fee to interview.
Contact us today to discus your staffing needs.