Why Dental Teams Fail

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An extraordinary day of dental team education with Dr. Steven J. Anderson

When: September 15, 2017 
Where: Hyatt at Villa Christina 4000 Summit Blvd, Atlanta
CE Hrs: 8 PACE
Tuition: GACD Members Dr or Lab Tech $349 Non Members Dr or Lab Tech $429 Team Members $199
Registration: www.gacosmeticdentistry.com

Wouldn’t it be nice if all your patients walked into your practice knowing exactly what they wanted, were ready to get started, and could afford it all? Providing quality care is a process, not an event. Knowing how to take patients from where they are to where they need to be is a science, not an accident. Do you and your team have the process of patient progression mapped out for daily success?

Today, it starts with a philosophy of care; a philosophy of patient service that takes care of not just their clinical needs, but of their total needs. Come discover the new standard for patient service and patient communication that will have a dramatic impact on your patients, your production, and your teamwork.

Here are just some of what you and your team will discover:

  • The 2 personal obstacles that every dentist and team member must fight and win to achieve long-term success.
  • Critical adjustments you must make to the changing market.
  • The 4 generations of patient care. Where are you today? Where can you be tomorrow? In addition, what it will do for your practice.
  • Introducing a guide to the personal touch for customized service that will save you hours of chair-side time and create dramatic improvements in patient acceptance.
  • How to create quality patient care that people rave about.
  • How to become “THE” recognized practice in your town.
  • The four essential factors you must consider before making any treatment recommendation.

Come learn, grow and set a new vision for your practice as you set new standards for patient service.

Speaker Bio: Steven J. Anderson is the founder and president of the Total Patient Service Institute that specializes in implementing the highest level of patient service and communication skills in dental practices. Over the last twenty-five years he has spoken at every major dental meeting in North America, conducted hundreds of seminars all over the English speaking world, worked with thousands of dental practices to increase their productivity through patient communication, written over 100 articles for dental industry publications, authored 5 books, and produced dozens of audio and video learning programs.